A Field Guide to Plants of the Barkly Region Northern Territory
Jenny Purdie, Chris Materne, Andrew Bubb

Developed to assist both pastoralists and visitors to the Barkly region, A Field Guide to Plants of the Barkly Region Northern Territory brings together the knowledge of field experts with many years experience working within the region in a simple to use field guide to over 370 plants. With plain English descriptions of the plants, and their habitat, distribution maps and additional information such as palatability to stock, this publication aims to enrich the experience of all who work in and visit the Barkly region through greater understanding of the plants that exist in this unique environment.

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Mitchell Grasslands Quality & Quantity Guide
Chris Materne

The Mitchell Grasslands Quality and Quantity Field Guide provides land managers with a visual aid for assessing pasture quality and quantity, and to guide decisions regarding fire management, stocking rates and hay production. If used regularly, the photographic standards in this booklet can be a useful tool to help achieve sustainable long-term production in the Mitchell grasslands by balancing production and pasture health.

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All proceeds from book sales support Barkly Landcare in its work on the Barkly Tableland.

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