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Welcome to the Barkly

 Barkly Landcare was formed in 1995 and is a community of pastoralists who are dedicated to improving land and environmental management practices on the Barkly Tableland region within the Northern Territory.


Adaptive Grazing

The native Mitchell grass plains represent the Barkly Tableland and make it some of the most important cattle grazing land in the Northern Territory. Innovation and locally devised strategic approaches to land management are important to sustaining the industry in this region.


Conservation Significance

The Barkly Tableland is home to several sites of national and international conservation significance. These sites include some of the largest freshwater lakes and wetlands in Australia that provide habitat to migratory birds and cracking clay specialists.


Threats to the Barkly

There are significant influences which threaten the natural ammenities of the Barkly Tableland. These threats can have significant impacts on the region’s biodiversity. Some of the threats to the Barkly include weeds, feral animals and grazing impacts around watering points.

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